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Find Out Which Path You Should Tread in Life

Welcome to Harmonious Health and Wellness! We believe that balance is the key to a healthy life, and we offer services for mind-body-spirit to help support you in finding that balance. Choose from personal training services, Reiki healing, and/or Intuitive Angel Card Readings or Angelic Life Coaching.

Intuitive Angel Card Reading

Receive insight into challenging situations by getting an angel card reading from Harmonious Health and Wellness. This can be conducted either in person or over the phone. The ultimate goal of a reading is to help give you guidance and clarity in areas of your life where you are seeking direction or answers.

During a session, we use oracle cards in addition to clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience to connect and communicate with your guardian angels, spirit guides, and any archangels who may come through. Readings are always positive as they come from the angelic realm and all the angels bring love.

Readings are recommended no sooner than 3 months to allow time for blessings to manifest in your life. If you enjoyed the reading, our most heartfelt request is that you share your experience with someone else. Referrals are wonderful and appreciated should you feel compelled to tell a friend. 


    • 30-Minute Intuitive Angel Card Reading: $64.00
  • 60-Minute Intuitive Angel Card Reading: $108.00


Angelic Life Coaching 

A four week program including one 60 minute angel card reading/week focused on answering specific questions regarding goal setting and your life's path.

The rate for this service is $344.40

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Connect with loved ones who have crossed over.  Feel their love, understand their messages, and know that you can learn to connect with them anytime as energy never only changes form.

The rate for this service is $44.00

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