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Gain Physical Strength and Endurance With Our Help

Welcome to Harmonious Health and Wellness! We believe that balance is the key to a healthy life, and we offer services for mind-body-spirit to help support you in finding that balance. Choose from personal training services, Reiki healing, and/or Intuitive Angel Card Readings or Angelic Life Coaching.

Personal Training

At Harmonious Health and Wellness, we offer excellent wellness services that include individualized exercise programs for all fitness levels. These can be for one person, partner training, or a small group of three to five people. No matter what your fitness goals are, we are here to help you attain them. We believe that anything is possible with the right mindset, so we will provide you with encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis.

How It Works

First, you will receive a 1-hour complimentary consultation appointment with your personal trainer to determine your fitness level and objectives. Then, you and the trainer will set a schedule and discuss the day/time and frequency/week to meet for training.


  • Individual Personal Training
    • Pay by Session: $60.00/60 Minutes $35.00/30 Minutes
    • 5-Pack Sessions: $55.00/60 Minutes ($275.00 Total); $30.00/30 Minutes ($150.00 Total)
    • 10-Pack Sessions: $50.00/60 Minutes ($500.00 Total) $25.00/30 Minutes ($250.00 Total)
  • Partner Personal Training
    • $25.00/Person (60 Minutes Only)
  • Small Group Training
    • $15.00/Person (60 Minutes Only)


Heal Naturally